Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if the solar charging is working?

The blue solar indicator light on the solar panel side will turn on when the G4 is charging from the sun.

Can I place the G4 by the window to charge?

Yes, the G4 charges under direct sunlight. However, if your window is installed with a solar film protector, it will slow down the charging time of the G4 or in some cases, stop charging.

What devices can I charge with the G4?

Most digital devices that are rated 5Vdc and up to 1A. Tablets such as the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy have also been tested with the G4.

What power adaptors work withthe G4?

A standard USB-to-micro-USB cable is provided in the box – this can be connected with any standard USB adaptor. For best results, purchase the power adaptor from Gatorwire, or a good quality adaptor with a 5.3V/2A output specification.

What will happen if I charge the G4 from a wall socket using a 12V adaptor?

The G4 will automatically shut down when it detects an adaptor voltage higher than 5V.

Can I charge a notebook computer using the G4?

A notebook computer typically requires a higher voltage and current – more than what the G4 is designed to provide. Based on its current capacity, the G4 can sufficiently charge a tablet but not a notebook computer.

Can I dock a third party battery pack into the G4?

No, only the G4 pocket battery pack is compatible with the G4. However, third party battery packs can be charged directly from the G4’s USB ports.

How do I read the battery level indicator?

The battery level indicator can be read as follows:

1 LED blinking < 5%
1 LED 5–25%
2 LEDs 25–50%
3 LEDs 50–75%
4 LEDs 75–100%
4 LEDs blinking 100%

The battery indicator is accurate in most situations. However, when a device such as a phone, tablet or the BayouFuel is plugged into or removed from the G4, the sudden load increase/decrease can result in fluctuations in the battery level indicator.

Can I dock a third party battery pack into the G4?

No, only the G4 pocket battery pack is compatible with the G4. However, third party battery packs can be charged directly from the G4’s USB ports.

Can I use BayouFuel to charge the internal batteries of the G4?

No, the G4’s internal batteries can only be charged from the sun, wall socket or a computer with USB port.

When the G4 is charging from the wall or sun, how come I don’t see any activity after the first 15s?

During the first 15s when you start charging the G4, you will see the battery level indicator lighting up. After that, the device goes into power save mode to conserve energy for the next charge.

Does the G4 have MPPT and what is its usefulness?

The G4 features MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) technology that enables the solar panel to charge the batteries, in an optimal way, even in low light or shady conditions.

What is the maximum capacity I can extract from the fully charged batteries ofthe G4?

Take the battery capacity of the G4 and divide it by the capacity of the device you are charging. Make allowance for some loss in efficiency during the charging process.

How long will a fully charged the G4 last if it is left unused?

Under normal conditions – and when the G4 is fully charged – the internal batteries will self-discharge completely in 6 months. However, we recommend that you charge the product under the sun or from the wall socket once every 30-45 days so as to maintain the batteries in good condition and to ensure that there is power when you need it.

How long will the internal batteries last?

The lithium polymer batteries should last a total of 300 charge cycles. Beyond this, you can continue to use the battery, but the capacity you get may be reduced.

How does the insect repellent work?

The ultrasonic insect repellent emits a range of frequencies (beyond a range audible to adult humans) that keeps insects away.

Does the radio’s volume control also control the insect repellent output?

The insect repellent range is pre-set and the radio’s volume control has no effect on it.

How effective is the insect repellent?

The ultrasonic insect repellant has been known to keep away insects within a reasonable radius.

Why I am not able to locate a radio station when I use the seek function?

If the radio signal is weak at your location, you may not be able to tune in to a radio station. Move to an outdoor location or somewhere else where the signal is stronger.

What frequencies does the FM radio support?

64.0 Mhz – 108.0 Mhz

What sound quality will I receive from the earphone jack?

Mono sound quality.

Can the G4 withstand rainwater?

The G4 is designed to be water and dust resistant. Under light rain, the rubber grommets will help prevent water from seeping into the device. If you are taking the G4 kayaking or boating, we recommend that you put it in a waterproof bag.

What happens if I should drop the G4 into the sea or river?

If the G4 is completely submerged in water, it is best to recover it as soon as possible to prevent water seepage.

What kind of temperatures can the G4 be used in?

The batteries used in the G4 are lithium polymer batteries with an effective operating temperature range of 0-60°C (or 32–140°F). the G4 can be stored in temperatures ranging from 0-45°C (or 32–113°F) when not in use. The product has been designed to prevent any damage to the product or the batteries for temperatures beyond these limits.

Can the G4 be left on the car dashboard under the sun?

The G4 can certainly be left to charge under direct sunlight while on the car dashboard. Its polycarbonate casing is designed to withstand high temperature environments. Due to the greenhouse effect, temperatures within an enclosed, stationary car can rise to very high levels. As the G4 uses intelligent algorithms to optimize charging based on a range of factors (temperature included), this enables it to charge at maximum speeds where possible, while remaining safe to use.

Can the G4 be affected by any PC virus via the USB port?

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) within the G4 cannot be assessed via the USB ports. Hence the device cannot be infected by any PC virus.

Do the USB ports have any other functions?

The USB ports in the G4 are used for charging digital devices or as a power source. The micro USB input ports are used for charging the G4, and can also be used to update its firmware or software when new revisions are available from Gatorwire.

What does the extended warranty cover?

The extended warranty covers battery replacement and any manufacturing defects but does not cover intentional damage or incorrect usage of the device. It must be purchased within the 1 year warranty period.

Why is the G4 larger than other chargers?

The solar panel is sized to capture energy optimally – a smaller panel will take a longer time to charge.

Is the stand cum handle and other accessories available for sale?

Accessories such as the stand cum handle shown on the packaging box are for illustration purposes only. We are working on producing these accessories and as soon as they are available for sale, we will announce it on our website.

Where is the G4 made?

The G4 is made in Malaysia.


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