Frequently Asked Questions


What devices can I charge with BayouFuel?

A majority of digital devices that are rated 5Vdc and up to 1A.

What power adaptors work with BayouFuel?

A standard-USB-to-micro-USB cable has been provided in the box – this can be connected with any standard USB adaptor. For best results, purchase the power adaptor from Gatorwire, or a good quality adaptor with a 5.3V/2A output specification.

What will happen if I charge BayouFuel from the wall socket using a 12V adaptor?

BayouFuel will automatically shut down when it detects an adaptor voltage higher than 5V.

How doesBayouFuel get charged by the OTG?

BayouFuel can be docked into the OTG solar charger (available separately) and get charged from the sun, wall or computer. When there is no sunlight, with DarkCharge, BayouFuel will get charged by the OTG’s internal batteries. While charging, both BayouFuel and the OTG need to be switched on.


Can I use BayouFuel to charge the internal batteries of the OTG?

No, the OTG can only be charged from the sun, wall socket or a computer with USB port.

Can I charge a notebook computer using BayouFuel?

A notebook computer typically requires a higher voltage and current – more than what BayouFuel is designed to provide. Based on its current capacity, BayouFuel can sufficiently charge a tablet but not a notebook computer.

How long will a fully charged BayouFuel last if it is left unused?

Under normal conditions – and when BayouFuel is fully charged – the internal batteries will self-discharge completely in 6 months. However, we recommend that you charge the product under the sun or from the power socket once every 30-45 days so as to maintain the battery in good condition and to ensure that there is power when you need it.

What is the maximum capacity I can extract from the fully charged batteries of BayouFuel?

Take the battery capacity of BayouFuel and divide it by the capacity of the device you are charging. Make allowance for some loss in efficiency during the charging process.

How long will the internal batteries last?

The lithium polymer batteries should last a total of 300 charge cycles. Beyond this, you can continue to use the battery, but the capacity you get may be reduced.

Can BayouFuel withstand rainwater?

BayouFuel is not water resistant and must always be used in dry environments.

Can BayouFuel be affected by any PC virus via the USB port?

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) within BayouFuel cannot be assessed via the USB ports. Hence the device cannot be infected by any PC virus.

Do the USB ports have any other functions?

The USB port is used for charging digital devices or as a power source.

Where is BayouFuel made?

BayouFuel is made in Malaysia.